Wind-Up Robot Pets

$ 13.99

Product Description:


Critter was conceived by chance, at the studio of a motion display company called Hankscraft Motors in New York City. He is the model of creativity and ingenuity, and he has very long legs for a robot of his age.

Spinney is Critter's baby. It has a bigger key, bigger booties and very short legs. Spinney loves to be outside and hates vegetables. 

"Ping-Ling, Pang-Lang" is a term known in Hong Kong to describe life in a state of chaos and general confusion. Ping-Ling sets off sparks and we're still not sure if it's supposed to work that way. 

For some reason of which we're not aware, Awika seems to always be in a big hurry. Awika is a very good climber; test her with different small objects on your desk to challenge her up and down obstacles. You can also let her climb over your hand, an open book, or, whatever else is on your desk

Booty and Key colors are assorted. Recommended for children 14 and up.