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Throughout the school year, these students have investigated and explored the entirety of World History, from the dawn of agriculture to the explosion of globalization. They have examined the interaction of cultures. They have critiqued social and gender hierarchies. They have questioned colonization and paths to liberation. As they studied the past, it is my hope that these students found new ways to see the present. To find a new perspective on the world and their place in it. To see themselves. For this writing endeavor, my students took control of their own learning and selected human rights issues around the world that really mattered to them. They worked together. They conducted research. They brought back their findings. They decided upon a structure for synthesizing their research into an article. Then they wrote.

This book is their final product. It is the work of students taking a critical eye to the issues of the world and presenting what needs to be done. It’s now my turn to learn from them.

Daniel Buccieri, History Teacher

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