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Product Description:

This book contains the adventures of students A.K.A the Time Scouts of 826LA’s Write On! Summer Camp in Echo Park. This summer, we traveled through space and time alongside Dr. Barnacle, the mysterious leader of the Time Scouts. (Are they human? Alien? Half-Merfans-Chicken? None of us know for sure.) Our students diligently passed all three levels of their Time Scout Basic Training, starting first as Time Cadets, quickly leveling up to Time Voyagers, and finally graduating as Time Champions. We formed Time Squads, earned badges, and committed our most memorable stories to the pages of our Intergalactic Time Journals, like the time aliens invaded Depression Era New Jersey or when Dr. Barnacle was kidnapped by Space Pirates while sailing the bayous of New, New, New, New Orleans. Overall, it was a blast, and we’re thrilled to now share all of our wonderful adventures with you. 

As we close our 2019 Write On! Summer Camp, we hope that you find joy, laughter, and inspiration in the hard work of our endlessly creative Time Scouts. We hope that this will be just the first chapter in their long and illustrious writing careers.

Designed by: Ximena Osorio