Write On! (Echo Park)

Write On! (Echo Park)

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Product Description:

This summer, the students of 826LA’s Write On! Camp in Echo Park enhanced their creative writing skills on a journey through three exciting subjects: World Arts & Culture, Nature, and STEM. In this book, you will find whimsical stories inspired by famous murals, calming mythology haikus, and convincing engineering proposals. You might find yourself engrossed in a thoughtful plan to save the environment, or in a world reimagined through music.

This collection is the product of the students’ exploration, dedication, and revision throughout the three weeks of camp. Through grammar lessons, reading comprehension, and creative collaboration, Write On! Camp students developed their reading and writing skills with the help of our dedicated volunteers. Together, students let their imaginations soar to new worlds and revisit familiar landmarks—from ancient Mexico to Echo Park Lake, from outer space to their own homes.

Designed by: Elisa Aprá