Beyond My Outer Layer

Beyond My Outer Layer

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Product Description:

Every year, 826LA students gather for an immersive five-day workshop built upon the power and possibilities of the written word. During the Summer Writers Workshop, students work to harness their individual experiences and imagination through different writing lessons led by guest writers, artists and 826LA staff. The goal of the week is to build up the skills and strength in these young authors to share their stories.

This year, our guest teachers Muriel Leung, Ashaki Jackson, Theresa Sotto, Tara Burns, Doug Brown and Michael Reyes led lessons around manifesting monsters, signifying as a means to channel our bravest selves, and using poetry forms like The Bop to imagine a more radical, equitable future. We also visited the Hammer Museum for its biennial exhibition, Made In L.A., where students engaged with questions of representation within institutions, and explored the roots of what schooling can both give and take from us as we develop and grow.

The formation of this book is a collective current of consciousness. Like layers of sediment carried across land that settles into the surface of the earth, the texts within cannot be easily eroded. These words are a raw and honest exploration from blossoming voices that question the norm and celebrate storytelling as a means to create community. We hope that the pieces in this book by these writers will help to magnify the power of sharing stories on the way to a better tomorrow.  

Designed by: Elisa Aprá