Chocolate Robots Said Chocolate Lightning

Chocolate Robots Said Chocolate Lightning

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Product Description:

Do you know what it takes to be cool? Have you ever made an edible necklace? Do you have any idea how to survive in case you end up in a haunted house? Do you even know what a Megacamel is? Don't worry. 826LA kids got you covered! For these and more of life's important questions, read "Chocolate Robot Said Chocolate Lighting," part instruction-manual, part scary-story survival guide, part dream-mansion, dream-job exploration series. You're in for quite a lesson as you learn the tricks to defeat creepy dolls, sneaky monsters and zombie-aliens in this riveting, never a dull moment, guide through the imaginations of 6 through 12 year olds! Also, they've invented new words, and if you want to be "hip with it," you probably should read this NOW!

Written by the students of 826LA's After-School Tutoring program in Echo Park.

Cover illustration by Blaise Vincz