ELL Camp 2017

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Product Description:

Echo Park-

This summer, the students of 826LA’s English Language Learner Camp in Echo Park enhanced their creative writing skills on a journey through four exciting subjects: Nature, Food, Art, and STEM. In this book, you will find chilling ghost stories from Camp Echo, persuasive poems from the Great Chip Debate, and thoughtful odes to Los Angeles. You might find yourself engrossed in a pitch for a brand new action film, or reconsidering the distinctive beauty of Takis.

This collection is the product of the students’ exploration, dedication, and revision throughout the four weeks of camp. Through grammar lessons, reading comprehension, and creative collaboration, ELL Camp students developed their reading and writing skills with the help of our dedicated volunteers. Together, students let their imaginations soar to new worlds and revisit familiar landmarks—from the deep sea to Echo Park Lake, from outer space to their own kitchen tables.


Mar Vista-

This book contains the efforts of students from 826LA in Mar Vista’s English Language Learners summer camp. Together, students used language and the written word to develop meaningful connections with each other and the world around them.

Students began their journeys this summer with Nature Week, opening up their imaginations to the infinite possibilities of how we are like nature and how nature is like us. They wrote about animals and their wild adventures, and also what adaptations they would take on to survive in a strange new environment. Students then explored the theme of cuisine during Food Week, bringing their favorite meals to life with the creation of their very own amazing food characters and imagining their homes as food. During World Arts & Culture Week, students’ imaginations journeyed across the world to learn about different cultures and shared their own, creating flags and songs about themselves. Lastly, as part of STEM Week, students developed an eye for detail as they investigated the chain of events behind our biggest mystery this summer: “Who ate all our chips?”

We hope you enjoy the hard work and creativity of these young writers. Our students leave us this summer having learned that different experiences shape our different styles of writing. May you find in the unique voices of their stories the things that bring us all together.


Cheerful reading!


Design by: Luis Ruiz