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Product Description:

This book contains the adventures of the Time Scouts from 826LA’s Write On! Summer Camp in Mar Vista. This summer, our Time Scouts came together to explore language and the written word by engaging with various themes from all corners of time & space. In the process, our Scouts formed meaningful connections with each other and the world around them. 

Our Time Scouts began their summer by traveling through time & space to explore different time periods and planets through recipes, songs, and interviews. Students had the chance to bring in their own cultural recipes from home that they could incorporate into their writing. We ended the week by planting seeds and considering how similar we are to trees--regenerating into stronger, bigger, and more complex beings. 

Scouts then explored STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). This week was jam-packed with scientific explorations where students interacted with Oobleck, ancient technology, stargazing and alien creation. They explored constellations, designed their own experiments, and crafted elevator pitches for their unique inventions. The theme of the week was tied up with a fantastic field trip to the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. 

As we close our 2019 Write On! Summer Camp, we are thrilled to showcase the hard work and creativity of all our students. They have all masterfully integrated their personal experience and perspective into their writing. 

We hope you enjoy the fresh, exciting new pieces these young writers have conjured. May you find wisdom and joy in this book, and above all, inspiration to see the world with as much curiosity and enthusiasm as our students!
Designed by: Rachel Colon