One Day Seen as Equals

One Day Seen as Equals

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Product Description:

One Day Seen as Equals is a collection of stories and poems from the students in the Tuesday and Thursday Night Tutoring Program at 826LA in Echo Park. Throughout the Fall, students examined what family, community, and Los Angeles meant to them. Students wrote passionate narratives about loved ones, reflected on the meaning of family, and composed some thought-provoking pieces about intergenerational differences. In this book, students give eloquent voice to their communities by not only sharing their favorite moments, but also narrating their thoughts about their communities in the midst of violence and transformation. Our students also created poems about the City of Angels that are both critical and insightful. Dear Reader, I hope our wonderful, young storytellers will have you reading this book over and over again.

Written by the students of 826LA's Tuesday and Thursday Night Tutoring in Echo Park, Fall 2015

Cover designed by Lilly Astrow