Some May Call it Noise

Some May Call it Noise

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Product Description:

27 stories take on life from all kinds of angles, edges, and corners. They give us fiction and reality, wonder and boredom, beginnings and endings -- challenges we face in our middle school/high school years (and all of life). When changing worlds intimidate and stress us out, blast music on loud all day. When we feel lost and confused, count on friends and family to bring us home. When things get rough and ugly, welcome a world filled with living things. When inspiration runs empty, look at the creations of others and be amazed. Laugh, freak out, learn, mess up, fall in love, write things down, evolve, persevere... The messages our students express to their readers is clear: Be resilient.

Written by the students of 826LA's Tuesday and Thursday Night Tutoring Program in Mar Vista, April 2016.

Designed by Tory Hoffman