Tacos Every Tuesday

Tacos Every Tuesday

$ 5.00

Product Description:

Are you tired of Monday's, traffic, boring food, and air pollution? Have you ever wished that he world was made out of candy, or that instead of cars we could have giant bubbles to get around? After-School Tutoring students have, and they've spent their afternoons in our Writing Lab reimagining the world we live in. We invite you to see their visions for the future where bicycles are made out of pennies, ships can fly, and students learn Rock 'n' Roll in school!

This book contains but is not limited to: colorful worlds we all wish to visit, presidential campaigns with brilliant agenda that include world peace and tacos every Tuesday, green transportation for the future, creative ideas to improve our local schools, and Don't-Try-This-at-Home food recipes. Plus, our genius future leaders give you a glimpse into their creative process in our brainstorming and sketching section!

Covert Art: Garrett Lee