Temporal Vortex Brewing Pint Glasses

$ 9.99

Product Description:

Pterosaur Stout: It's Ptasty!

Commemorate one of Temporal Vortex Brewing’s first offerings with the Pterosaur Stout pint glass. Like all Mesozoic milk stouts, this one is brewed with insects, fish remains, and cacao nibs, and will have you flying high as a winged lizard!

Robo Lager 3000Microchips, Microbrews, Macrofun!

Brewed with love and algorithmic optimization on Machine Planet X54K-W, Robo Lager 3000 is a refreshing lager guaranteed to take the edge off after a 23-hour day of being the assembly line. Whether you’re a robot or just work like one, enjoy your beverage of choice from this commemorate Temporal Vortex Brewing glass while powering down at the end of a long day.