The Cave Became Enchanted

The Cave Became Enchanted

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Product Description:

The Cave Became Enchanted is a collection of suspenseful and action-packed stories created by students in the After-School Tutoring Program at 826LA in Echo Park. In this final publication of the school year, students explored a topic that was near and dear to them -- video games. Throughout the spring, students brainstormed their ideas with their tutors and put their incredible ideas on paper. In this book, you will find wild tales about how our students entered the universe of their favorite video games and the adventures that awaited them once they were there. In addition, our young authors were challenged to create story lines for their very own video games. You will learn about the adventures of new heroes and villains such as Donut Man and Water Bottle Boss. In addition, you will learn about complex video game worlds and their challenges, one which includes a lava of tamales! Surely, our young gamers will get you excited about the next generation of video games. 

Cover art by Wilson Swain

Interior by Diana Molleda