Trust Me, I Am Not Weak

Trust Me, I Am Not Weak

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How can we (re)discover ourselves by reflecting on the future?

Through poems, short stories, and other literary works, the students at 826LA in Mar Vista’s Summer Writers' Workshop set out to answer this question. Trust Me, I Am Not Weak is a collection focused on the themes of identity, reimagination, and futurism, written in June 2018.

During 826LA's Summer Writers' Workshop, students met with a variety of Los Angeles writers and artists to engage with their own voices and discover the enormous impact of sharing parts of themselves through writing.

Through five days of thoughtful, dynamic, and challenging sessions led by F. Douglas Brown, Stacey Vigallon, Michael Reyes, Muriel Leung, Theresa Sotto and Tara Burns, students experienced myriad forms of writing and learned new ways to express themselves through these outlets.

Over the course of the workshop, students sought inspiration from history’s greatest musical hits, documented their view of the distant dystopian future, and discussed the importance of being present, not only in their own private lives, but in the environment at large. Students took ownership of their space, literal and figurative, by writing science fiction stories.

Students explored a world of poetry composed from lists, word searches, text messages, and images. They focused on the folklore and myths that had been passed down in their families, unmasking the hidden truths within them. During a special trip to the Hammer Museum to view their biennial exhibit, Made in L.A., they used creative prompts to analyze works by Aaron Fowler, Jade Gordon, Megan Whitmarsh, EJ Hill, and Lauren Halsey. Throughout the week, students submitted pieces for their final publication, which you now hold in your hands.

Released at the Summer Writers' Workshop Chapbook Release Party in July 2018, Trust Me, I Am Not Weak reminds us that when student voices are brought to the forefront and shared with peers, families, and community members, we truly can (re)discover ourselves.

Designed by: Genevieve Johnson